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Baby Warmer

May 20, 2019

Incubators and radiant warmers are used to maintain the body temperature of newborn infants. This is best done so that the energy expended for metabolic heat production is minimized. The heat output of these devices is usually regulated by servocontrol to keep the skin temperature constant at a site on the abdomen where a thermistor probe is attached. In incubators, air temperature can also be controlled as an alternative to skin temperature servocontrol. Increased ambient humidity, heat shields and clothing have been used to decrease the evaporative or nonevaporative heat loss of infants in incubators under certain conditions. 
BPM-W40B Baby Warmer is a good choice for your baby.
LCD touch screen for menu-operation and display:BPM-W40B Baby Warmer is a good choice for your baby.
72 hours data record;
 With bigger bed:
Servo controlled temperature system by micro-computer;
Control mode: pre-warm, manual and automatic;
Self-check alarms: power failure,over temperature, temperature deviation, temperature sensor failure;
APGAR timer to record therapy time;
Far-infrared ceramic heater made in Germany, uniform radiation heat, explosion-proof and drop-proof, highly safe;
Adjustable bed tilting;
X-ray cassette under the bed;
With LED illumination light;
RS-232 connector;
Heater head can be adjusted ±90°horizontally;
With transfusion shelf and tray;
With low pressure suction;
With oxygen supply system;