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Cleaning the Electric operating table is also critical

Nov 27, 2019

Electric operating table can not only be used without cleaning. The patients lying on the operating table are patients, and they are not fixed patients. Irregular cleaning may cause cross infection of patients. When cleaning the electric operating table, remember to clean the power supply and accessories of the operating table. After the electric operating table has been properly cleaned, it can play a better role.

One of the more important instruments in the electric operating table medical equipment occupies a very important position in the medical profession. After people use the electric operating table for a long time, they should be properly cleaned to make the equipment work better. When cleaning, it is best to use an active agent cleaner for cleaning. The purpose of this is to prevent the internal electrical control system from showing a short circuit or other parts of the components appearing rusty.

In addition, operators should disinfect their equipment. In addition to regular cleaning, it is also important to check the operation of the electric operating table. As long as it is checked regularly, the faults presented by the equipment can be discovered in time.