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Comparative analysis of electric hospital bed and ordinary hospital bed

Sep 11, 2020

Nowadays, in addition to ordinary hospital beds, many large hospitals are also equipped with electric turning beds. It has more functions than ordinary hospital beds and is more convenient to use. It is more suitable for people with serious illnesses or limited mobility. , Which facilitates some of their daily actions. So do you know the electric turning bed? Do you know what advantages it has? The following editor will focus on you.

At first, the hospital bed was an ordinary steel hospital bed. In order to prevent the patient from falling off the bed, people placed some bedding and other items on both sides of the patient. Later, guardrails and guard plates were installed on both sides of the bed to solve the problem of the patient falling from the bed. problem. Because bedridden patients need to repeatedly change their posture every day, especially the constant alternating between getting up and lying down. To solve this problem, people use mechanical transmission and hand crank to let the patient sit and sleep. This is currently the more common Beds are also the most used beds in hospitals and families. In recent years, electric turning beds have appeared, replacing hand cranks with electric power, which is convenient and time-saving, and is widely praised by people. The electric turning bed is boldly innovated in the patient's health care function, achieving a breakthrough and development from pure nursing to having health care functions. This is currently the leading technology in turning bed, and it is also the leader in turning bed.

1. The use of guardrails increases the safety of patients, which is very important.

2. The rocker can be easily swung to the angle required by the patient, realizing the multi-angle adjustment of the sitting posture and back and the angle adjustment of the legs.

3. If a small dining table is installed, the patient can conveniently realize the functions of reading, eating, and writing in bed.

4. It can be equipped with a hand-held toilet device, which is very convenient to solve the problem of urine and urine.

5. Guardrails, mattresses, guardrails, dining tables, transfusion stands, casters and defecation devices can be added according to user requirements.

6. The electric turning bed is made of high-strength steel and high-frequency welding, the structure is sturdy and durable, and the shape is very beautiful. The rocking handle driven by the lead screw is also very easy and free. The surface of the bed adopts the anti-rust spraying process for beautiful, durable and convenient maintenance.

7. Not used as a hospital bed. It is also very beautiful and generous in the room, and can be used as an ordinary single bed.

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