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Composition and functional characteristics of the Electric Operating Table

Sep 21, 2019

With the development of technology, the medical industry has undergone many changes. The previous operating bed has become today's Electric Operating Table. I believe many people don't know about the electric operating table. Let me introduce you to the Electric Operating Table. Composition and functional characteristics.
                                                                         Electric Operating Table
      Generally speaking, the electric operating table is composed of a table top, an electric control, a main part and an accessory, and the operating table is mainly composed of a head plate, a back plate, a seat plate and a leg plate, so that the operation can be ascended, The separate movements of the lower surface, the front and rear tilting, and the back and back waist, etc., can cope with different requirements for the patient's position during different operations. Attachments to the operating bed include support for the dirt bucket, the leg tray, the arm tray, the head frame, the arm plate, and the infusion stand, etc., which serve as an auxiliary function for position adjustment.

The shoulder strap, the leg strap, the wrist strap and the strap are attached to the patient to prevent the patient from falling asleep. The accessories are generally equipped with a sponge pad to ensure proper circulation of the patient's body fluids during the operation and to maintain comfort. The electric operating bed is generally driven by electro-hydraulic transmission. It is mainly composed of electric gear oil pump, hydraulic cylinder, relief valve, solenoid valve, positioning control switch and power supply, so it can pass the manual controller, infrared remote control and auxiliary controller. To control.