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Daily maintenance and maintenance of surgical light

Feb 07, 2020

surgical light is an important medical device for surgery, which will directly affect the accuracy of the operation. The surgical lamp needs daily maintenance. Professionals will briefly introduce the maintenance and maintenance methods of surgical lights for everyone.

Surgery lamps are generally composed of multiple lamp heads, and bulbs are consumables. We check whether the surgical light bulb is still working normally every day. The correct inspection method is as follows: Put a white piece of paper in the working area of ​​the surgical light. An arc-shaped shadow appears in the area. Then the bulb is already in an abnormal working state and needs to be immediately Replace the lamp.

Check every day whether the disinfection handle of the surgical lamp is working properly, that is, whether it can be flexibly moved and the braking is accurate. The inspection method is as follows: If you can hear two “clicks” clearly during installation, it means that the installation is in place and the disinfection handle is in normal working state.

Use a weak alkaline solvent to scrub the appearance of the surgical shadowless lamp every day. Avoid using chlorine-containing lotions (corrosive metals) and alcohol solutions (corrosive plastics and paints).

Check the backup power system of the surgical lamp once a month, that is, whether the battery is used normally. The inspection method is as follows: cut off the connected 220V power supply and see if the backup power supply can start normally.