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Development Prospects of Electric Operating Tables

Feb 28, 2020

There are very important changes in the operation method of the electric operating table. The operation of the operating table can already include the lifting of the bed surface and the tilting of the bed. The early operation bed operation is generally simple human-driven, purely relying on manual operation of medical staff, the operation is very cumbersome and lacks convenience and flexibility.

At present, the operating table with pedal hydraulic drive is widely used. With the electronic technology, the current operating table with electric motor driven oil pump to change the position and the operating table with full mechanical transmission of the electric motor are gradually being DC electromagnetic motor without electromagnetic interference. The far-infrared remote control that drives the oil pump to change its operating position and the computer-assisted non-operation line obstruction replaces the old one.

In general, the operation of the operating table is more and more automated and intelligent to reduce the burden on the operator and facilitate remote control, which can meet the needs of surgery and other aspects. The operating bed has begun to develop in a multifunctional and specialized manner. Multifunctionalization and specialization are an important direction for the development of surgical beds.