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Digital Thermometer

Jun 06, 2019

Forehead thermometers can measure temperature by touching the forehead or from a distance. Braun No touch + forehead thermometeris the first and only thermometer that enables you to measure temperature both in touch and no touch mode, with clinically proven accuracy.
BPM is the best Digital Thermometer for sale supplier.
We offer BPM-T101 Forehead Digital Thermometers that feature:
1.Non-Contact measurement, No cross infection
2. Accurate temperature reading in 1 second
3. Two testing modes: Measure Body and Object thermometer
4. Provide two temperature modes ℃ and ℉
5. Backlight LCD display in three colors: green, red and white
6. 20 sets of memories for recall
7. Auto-off function in 10s
8. Fever alarm function
9. Support silent mode