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Electric Operating Table equipment needs to meet the use of functions

Mar 31, 2020

       The operating functions that Electric Operating Table equipment needs to meet. Generally speaking, surgical bed equipment is a very important equipment product in medical activities. It has been paid attention and attention by medical institutions. The main functions of the product have an important impact on medical activities. Some brief introductions.

        Electric Operating Table basic function needs to adjust the posture of the operation, expose the surgical field of view, so that the operation can be carried out smoothly. In general, there are five types of postures commonly used in the operating room, which are prone, supine, tilted, perineal, and sitting. The electric surgical bed is suitable for various parts of the head and neck, chest and abdomen, limbs, urinary and facial features. It meets the needs of human anatomy and medical care methods. It needs to have the following characteristics. Effectively reduce the labor intensity of medical personnel.
Electric Operating Table
       Beautiful appearance, high surface finish and corrosion resistance, so the mechanical strength will be higher after spraying. The body is generally made of high-grade materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy and malleable cast iron. The main transmission structures such as the base and the lifting column are all covered with stainless steel. The bed board is composed of high-strength bakelite resistant to dirt, acid and alkali. It is fire-resistant and durable, with good X-ray penetration. The conductive mattress can prevent bedsores and static electricity.