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How is the hospital bed used? What types are there? What functions?

Oct 11, 2020

The common hospital beds on the market are divided into two types: medical and household.

The medical hospital bed is used by medical institutions, and the household hospital bed is used by families.

Nowadays, science and technology are changing with each passing day. The hospital bed has more and more functions and is more and more convenient. There are not only manual hospital beds but also electric hospital beds.

The manual hospital bed does not need to be repeated, and the accompanying staff is required to operate it, while the electric hospital bed can be operated by the patient himself.

In recent years, with the further development of technology, electric hospital beds with voice operation and touch screen operation have appeared on the market, which not only facilitates the daily care of patients, but also greatly enriches the spiritual entertainment of patients. It can be described as full of creativity. .

So, what are the specific functions of the electric hospital bed?

First, the function of turning over.

Patients who have been ill in bed for a long time need to turn over frequently, while turning over manually requires the help of one or two people. However, the electric hospital bed can make the patient turn over at any angle from 0 to 60 degrees, making it more convenient for nursing care.

Second, the back function.

The patient has been lying down for a long time and needs to sit up to adjust, or when eating, you can use the back-up function, even if the patient is paralyzed, you can easily sit up.

Third, the toilet function.

Press the remote control to open the electric bedpan in just 5 seconds. With the use of back-up and leg-flexing functions, the patient can sit upright to urinate and defecate, which is convenient for cleaning afterwards.

Fourth, washing hair and feet function.

Remove the mattress at the head of the hospital bed, put it in the basin, and use the back-up function to wash your hair. In addition, the foot of the bed can be removed, and the patient's feet can be washed with the bed body tilt.

The electric hospital bed also has some other practical small functions, which greatly facilitate the daily care of paralyzed patients.