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How to maintain shadowless lamp after long time use

Nov 13, 2019

The shadowless lamp has a long working time and does not emit too much heat, so many operating rooms use this lamp. This kind of LED surgery shadowless lamp needs to be cleaned regularly, especially after large-scale surgery. You should be cautious when using it, because incorrect cleaning will affect the operation, and when cleaning the surgical shadowless lamp, it is recommended to use a special cleaning agent to do the cleaning work. Do not find any cleaning agent for cleaning.

Light-emitting diode surgical shadowless lamps can meet the special requirements of surgery, especially the requirements of lighting brightness and shadowless lamps. Therefore, the brightness can be infinitely adjusted during use. When the spare bulb fails during use, pay attention to timely replacement.

Ordinary lamps cannot meet the requirements of shadowless lamps or cold light of shadowless lamps. Surgical lighting does not meet the requirements, does not guarantee the brightness of the operating room, and generates heat, which affects normal operation. Through a simple comparison, we can see the difference between the two lamps, and the detailed selection is more comparable.