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Linear Series Probe Type Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

May 22, 2018

wireless ultrasound scanner

Wireless Ultrasound Scanner


1. In emergency clinical, hospital ward inspection,  community clinical and outdoor inspect, an easy carried & operated compact ultrasound such as UProbe-2 wireless probe is desired.
2. In  addition, the wireless probe can be conveniently used in surgery without  fixing of cables. And by using the disposable protecting cover, it can easily solve the sterilization issue of the probe.
3. Also for powerful communication capability of the smart terminals, the wireless probe can meet the needs of the tele-medicine.

Specificication :

1. Small and Compact size, easy to carry.
2. Wireless type without probe cable, working freely.
3. Waterproof design, convenient for sterilization. 
4. Remote diagnosis convenience, capable for images transfer to doctors.