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Matters needing attention when using Ambulance Medical Stretcher

Apr 30, 2020

Before moving the wounded, check the vital signs and injured parts of the wounded. It is important to check the wounded head, spine, and chest for trauma, especially the cervical spine.

It is necessary to properly handle the wounded. First, keep the injured person's respiratory tract unobstructed, and then hemostasis, bandage, and fix the injured part according to the technical operation specifications. Only after proper handling can the relevant movement be carried out.
Ambulance Medical Stretcher
When the relevant personnel and Ambulance Medical Stretcher are not ready, do not carry out the relevant handling. When carrying an injured person who is overweight and unconscious, it is necessary to consider comprehensively to prevent accidents such as falling or falling during transportation.

Ambulance Medical Stretcher should observe the changes of the wounded's condition at any time during the transportation, focusing on the breathing, consciousness, etc., pay attention to keep warm, and do not cover the head and face too tightly, so as not to affect breathing. Once an emergency occurs on the way, such as suffocation, breathing stops, or convulsions, the transportation should be stopped and the relevant first aid treatment should be carried out immediately.

At a special site, it should be handled according to a special method.

At the fire site, the wounded should be stooped or crawled forward in the smoke. At the site of poisonous gas leakage, the carrier should generally cover the nose and mouth with a wet towel or use a gas mask to avoid being poisoned by the poisonous gas.

When carrying the injured spine and spinal cord injury, after placing it on the hardboard stretcher, the body and the stretcher need to be fixed and secured with a triangle towel or other cloth straps, especially for the cervical spine injury, both sides of the head and neck must be Place sandbags, pillows and clothing to fix the cervical spine, restrict the movement of the cervical spine in all directions, and then fix the forehead with the stretcher using a triangle scarf, etc., and then surround the whole body with the stretcher with the triangle scarf.