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Points to note when operating Lamp debugging

Dec 27, 2019

         Operating Lamp is an indispensable lighting tool in surgery. It will not emit heat for a long time, so it can provide a better working environment for workers. However, the shadowless lamp needs to be debugged before use. Only in a reasonable state can the shadowless lighting effect be guaranteed. So how to adjust the shadowless lamp in the early stage?

          Surgery After the installation of the Operating Lamp, check whether there are any screws or screws that are not tight. Check whether the clamp spring is locked, whether the rotating arm straight lamp pipeline is fixed, and whether the decorative covers are properly covered.
 After that, you need to check the circuit system to check whether there is a short circuit. If everything is normal, you can perform a power-on test, but pay attention to whether the transformer output voltage is too high or too low. You need to adjust the balance arm of the shadowless lamp, and then check the tension of the balance arm moving up and down, and then you can adjust the tension of the spring at the inner spring adjustment spring through the stainless steel lever.

           Adjust the flexibility of the joint by adjusting the damping screw, check the irradiation distance and depth of the shadowless lamp, the general shadowless lamp irradiation distance is 70-140cm or 60-130cm, the shadowless effect is good, check the illumination and color temperature.