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Removable LED Operation Shadowless Lamp features and unique advantages

Oct 30, 2019

The movable LED Operation Shadowless Lamp is also very popular in the surgical light industry due to its flexible and lightweight shape, which is mainly due to the following reasons:
1. Lightweight and easy to assemble. Compared with the traditional ceiling-mounted shadowless lamp, the movable led surgery shadowless lamp takes only a few minutes from unpacking to installation, saving manpower costs.

At the same time, in areas with underdeveloped medical conditions, mobile LED surgery can be used to move from one operating room to another, which greatly facilitates the medical staff to carry out surgery.

2. The price is close to the people and benefits the public. The price of a total reflex surgical lamp is often out of reach of other smaller clinics, and the mobile surgical light is not only mobile, but also relatively affordable. Also, when performing simple surgery, its illumination is not inferior to other surgical lights, and it can be regarded as an economical and practical surgical light.
                                                                     Shadowless Lamp
3. The operating room assists in lighting and standby lighting. In the course of surgery, there are often unexpected situations, such as tripping and short-circuiting. If these conditions occur, they will intimidate the patient's personal safety. According to its own advantages, the mobile surgical shadowless lamp can appear immediately in the surgical lighting area where it is needed to ensure the normal operation of the operation.