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Technical requirements of Electric operating table in the production process

May 15, 2020

   Fully guarantee that the production and processing of equipment products meet the actual technical operation requirements is very critical and important for manufacturers, which requires everyone's attention and attention.

        Most of the general Electric operating table adopts hydraulic cylinder or gas spring cylinder, and the bed base adopts Y-shaped design, so as to ensure that the operating bed has the highest stability and the most free space, which can be closer to medical staff Surgery patient. The operating table should have very good mobility. Generally, it is designed with four wheels on the ground. It is easy to move and has a central mechanical brake device. The casters are locked and released through the center of the foot lever.
Electric operating table
   Electric operating table bearings are generally all sealed and waterproof, which is very easy to clean. Water, blood stains and suture heads during surgery will never be entangled in the bearings. Head and foot tilt and left and right tilt just need to gently squeeze the head handle to get the position you need clinically. The leg plate and back plate joints are equipped with a gas spring cylinder support structure, which can make various adjustments gentle, silent, and vibration-free, and can effectively protect the joint structure and prevent the patient from falling over.