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Thermoforming Machines packaging

Sep 04, 2019

In general, Thermoforming Machines heats and softens thermoplastic thermoplastic sheets such as polyvinyl chloride and polyvinyl dichloride, and then shapes the plastic sheets by vacuum blistering or punching and stamping. The container of the material is then cooled and finalized, and finally the material is loaded.

Then, it is heat-sealed with a layer of aluminum foil coated with adhesive or a composite material such as cellophane, etc., and finally cut, and the packaging is completed. A packaging machine that can perform this series of work is called a thermoforming packaging machine.

Such packaging machines are generally designed for packaging tablets, capsules and injections. Therefore, their packaging materials are generally in the form of a blister, the package is transparent and visible, and it is convenient for the preservation, carrying, and sighing of the medicine.

This packaging method has now evolved to accommodate any material in any form. Thermoformed containers have not only packaged intrinsic products, but some larger discs, cups, bowls, and the like. This package has the characteristics of light weight, good sealing, adaptability and transparency. Therefore, in the case of packing, there is no need to add buffer material, which is very convenient for sale and consumption, so it has developed rapidly in recent years. In line with this, thermoforming packaging machines have also developed rapidly in recent years.