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What are the two major systems of surgical bed?

Jun 29, 2020

The surgical bed is mainly composed of a hydraulic system and a circuit system. Generally, it has the characteristics of stable performance and long service life. Each system has different uses. Therefore, when we use this product, the performance will be more stable. Then, for everyone to have a further understanding of the product, introduce the relevant knowledge of the two major systems of the product.

1. Hydraulic system: This system generally includes oil tank, solenoid valve, overflow valve, pressure gauge, throttle valve and oil cylinder, etc. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, low noise, light weight and stable performance in structure. This is one of the indispensable systems that can make the surgical bed play stably in use.
surgical bed
2. Circuit system: The parameters of the gynecological surgical bed are generally controlled by a microprocessor, which is connected to the hydraulic and motor execution parts through the control drive part. The execution part of the hydraulic motor performs various movements such as back-and-forth movement, longitudinal movement, lifting movement and bed rotation.

Through the above introduction, the two major systems of the surgical bed play an important role in protecting the entire device, because both make the operating table more efficient in use, but this editor also reminds everyone to remember when using the product Carefully check its power supply, because this part is prone to serial connection, which affects the normal performance of the product, so remember to unplug the power cord after use.