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What types of Medical stretcher are there?

Dec 09, 2019

          Medical stretcher has lifting stretcher and wheel stretcher. Shovel stretcher is generally composed of left and right aluminum alloy plates. When transporting the wounded, it is necessary to place the wounded in a supine position, and then fix the neck. After that, the left and right pieces of the stretcher can be inserted into the back from the side of the wounded and fastened before being transported.

          Negative pressure inflatable cushion type stretcher. This stretcher is generally the best tool for transporting injured patients with multiple fractures and spinal injuries. Because the inflatable cushion can properly fix the whole body of the injured person, it is necessary to inflate the cushion when in use. Then put the wounded in the pad, and then extract the air from the bag, the air cushion can harden, and the wounded is firmly fixed in it, so that it can always be stable during the transportation.
Medical stretcher
          Basket stretchers, also known as boat stretchers, are the two more common types on the market, generally aluminum alloy and synthetic resin types. It has the same shape and name as a boat. When carrying the trapped person, the trapped person is placed inside the stretcher, and the protruding edge of the stretcher cooperates with the front flat belt to seal the trapped person inside the stretcher.