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BPM-N08(A) For sale compressed atomizer

BPM-N08(A) For sale compressed atomizer

  • Model: BPM-N08(A) For sale compressed atomizer
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  • Payment Terms: T/T

The nebulizer can atomize various low-concentration liquid inhalation therapeutic liquids..
The selection, dosage and use time of medicines must be consulted with a physician before use, and be strictly in accordance with the doctor's advice.
Equipped with adult mask, children mask and mouthpiece, you can choose the method of use according to different conditions.
The mask is made of ABS material, which is environmentally friendly, not easy to corrode, and has a long service life.
The sloped bottom groove design of the medicine cup allows the liquid medicine to automatically gather and flow to the spout, Fully atomized toreduce liquid medicine residue.

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