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BPM-AR65 Frame Pin Optical Refractometer

Frame Pin Optical Refractomete

  • Model: BPM-AR65 Frame Pin Optical Refractomete
  • MOQ: 1
  • Payment Terms: T/T

BPM-AR65 Frame Pin Optical Refractomete

New designed bracke
Attractive and durable .
Titing screen
Tilting screen function that allows
wide variance of access.
Auto focus function
Just move, it will automaticaly focus
the eye and get the value.
Refractive measurement with hexagon prism .
With high quality of hexagon prism and
highly sensitive GCD, it provides
unmatched accuracy and reliability.
Motorized joystick
Amotorized joystick with auto vertical tracking
mode is adopted, so operation is easier.

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