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BPM-LS86 Applanation Auto Ophthalmic Lensmeter

Auto Ophthalmic Lensmeter

  • Model: Bpm Ls86 Applanation Auto Ophthalmic Lensmeter
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BPM-LS86 Applanation Auto Ophthalmic Lensmeter

1. The Germany importing LED green light,wavelength of 545nm, can test all kinds of lens without considering ABBE.Measure will more rapid,stable and   accurate.
2. Advanced Harmann cluster measurement, to test the multifocal progressive lens easily.
3. High speed CUP, can measure any kind of lens instantly.
4. Various kinds of interface styles, always one suitable for you.
5. Seven languages for your to choose: Chinese/ English/ German/ Italian/ Spanish/ Portuguese/Turkish.
6. Especially designed optical system for dark lenses, can do measurement for the dark lens only 5% of light transmittance.
7. Mignont, stylish,elegent.


Display: 5.6" color LCD screen
Dot method: Ink pad
Printer: High speed thermal printer
Digital connector RS-232C
Power supply: AC (10V~240V); 50/60HZ
Max power: 40W
Weight: 3.6kgs
Dimensions:  194mm×210mm×408mm

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