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BPM-P100 Lens Unit Ophthalmoscope

Lens Unit Ophthalmoscope

  • Model: BPM-P100 Lens Unit Ophthalmoscope
  • MOQ: 1
  • Payment Terms: T/T

BPM-P100 Lens Unit Ophthalmoscope

Large circle-for normal fundus examinations
Small circle-for reflex reduction when the pupils are small
Fixing aid for the determination of central and eccentric fixations
Semi-circle -for reflex reduction when the pupils are small
Large circle-green (red - free) for the recognition of fine vessell modifications, filters red light beams within the observation field

Range of  Lenses:

+ 10  15  20
- 1 2 3 4 6 8 10 15 20

LED White /LED Sunlight

More Details:
Direct Ophthalmoscope, USB Desktop charger Lens-Unit-Ophthalmoscope

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unit-ophthBpm P100 Lens Unit Ophthalmoscopecope

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