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BPM-20L Vaccine Container

BPM-20L Vaccine Container

  • Model: BPM-20L Vaccine Container
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BPM-20L Vaccine Container

The cold chain transport box is a temperature control method without power supply.
The box body is made of food-grade material polyethylene (PE), and the high-density polyurethane (PU) rigid foam foam insulation layer has a better effect of blocking cold and heat conduction.
The box body is sealed with foamed silicone strips; metal with key lock; concave handle design, Reduce damage rate.
Beautiful appearance design, light weight, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, food grade resin, the product is manufactured in strict accordance with food hygiene requirements, the inner and outer surface materials are plastic, the intermediate insulation layer is integrated with PU, and the heat preservation is good.
Environmental space; cold collection materials, such as ice boxes, ice rows and other products, provide cold sources for the incubator to achieve low temperature effects.
According to different temperature points, ice boxes can be used in combination to achieve different temperature ranges in the box for storage and transportation of items.
Put the ice box in the refrigerator or cold storage in advance for pre-cooling.
The fully pre-cooled ice box is used in conjunction with the incubator.
The length of the holding time is mainly determined by the holding conditions of the incubator and the number of ice boxes.

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