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BPM-A107 Pediatric Ultrasound Anesthesia Machine

Pediatric Ultrasound Anesthesia Machine

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BPM-A107 Pediatric Ultrasound  Anesthesia Machine


The Jinling 820 adapts Puao Medical's patented ventilator technology to deliver versatile proven high quality ventilation performance. Available ventilation modes include Intermittent Positive PressureVentilation (IPPV/SIPPV),Volume Controlled Ventilation (VCV), Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (IMV/SIMV) & more.
In the medical environment, its often critical to stay abreast of changes and developments in information. This is why we created a display system for the Jinling 820, that succinctly and clearly provides real time notifications on the status of the patient, the alarms, the ventilation process and the anesthesia machine itself.
The trimmed down intuitive user interface of the Jinling 820 designed with accessibility and convenience in mind.allows users to effortlessly toggle between patient parameters, system settings, Pressure-Time and Flow-Time waveforms at the touch of a button.


1 Selectatec@ compatible slot for Medical's locally assembled self-compensating imported anesthetic vaporizers.
Built-in 4 tube flowmeter fitted with interlocking O2-N,O supply,guarantees oxygen output never falls below 21%.
The ergonomic lightweight frame and compact design choices allows for greater effectiveness & utility

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