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BPM-BL2 Mixer CPAP Air Oxygen Blender

Mixer CPAP Air Oxygen Blender

  • Model: BPM-BL2
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BPM-BL2 Mixer CPAP Air Oxygen Blender


1 Widely applied in resuscitation capsule, hood, mask, nasal catheter, incubator, CPAP, ECMO and so on;
2 Adjust oxygen concentration and flow separately that will not affect to each other;
3 The main machine do not need the power supply but with pneumatic and air control;
4 The parameters of oxygen concentration can be adjusted continuously and directly, it do not need to calculate or
refer to the form;
5 Special alloy materials, anodic oxidation treatment on the surface;
6 Unbalanced alarm of supply gas pressure;
7 Long-life, maintenance-free, consume no materials;
Flow meter or inhaler cna be opted to match;
9 Expand to Bubble CPAP;
10 Double outputs can be opted to match.






Gas-source supply


Pressure differential alarm

 pressure difference>0.1MPa, sound alarm





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