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BPM-BU17V Portable Ultrasound Scanner for Veterinary

Portable Ultrasound Scanner for Veterinary

  • Model: BPM-BU17V
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BPM-BU17V Portable Ultrasound Scanner for Veterinary

Mobility and powerful platform

  • 12-inch 1024*768 resolution high-definition LED LCD screen;

  • Using ARM chip architecture, mass storage of data;

  • Dual probe sockets, with a wide range of probe adaptability;

  • Meet the clinical needs of multi-disciplinary clinics, and streamline operation steps to reduce user fatigue

Specific conditions and comprehensive solutions

It has measurement formulas for different species. In addition to conventional measurements (distance, circumference, area, volume), it is suitable for examination and diagnosis of heart, liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, bladder, uterus, ovary and other tissues and organs in small and medium-sized animals.It can identify and diagnose pregnancy, fetal growth and fetal position(BPD、GS、CRL、HD、SLA、HLA、ESD、BTD、BUD).

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