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BPM-BU3 Basic Light Weight Portable Ultrasound Machine

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BPM-BU3 Basic Light Weight Portable Ultrasound Machine

Application: Suitable for the diagnosis of abdominal organs, gynaecology, obstetrics, cardiology, urology and small organs.

Technical Parameters:
Host system The whole dynamic aperture imaging RDA, dynamic contact focus DRF, dynamic frequency scanning DFS and all digital beam forming DBF
Display: 12 inch high resolution progressive scan LCD
English interface
built in English annotations
1 probe interface
8 segment intelligent TGC and total gain regulation
Freezing (Freeze) button
2D imaging parameters Gray scale of the image is 256
Gain regulation: 8 stage STC regulation, near-field and far-field
piecewise adjustment, and total gain adjustable
Position markers more than 38 species
Maximum display depth more than 250mm
Movie playback is more than 500 frames, which can be adjusted automatically or manually
64 amplitude memory image
Image multiplying ratio of the 4 level image is adjustable
Image flip: flip up and down, turn left and right, turn black and
Image magnification function: local magnification function, can
enlarge any interested area on the image, and can retain the original image for comparative observation.
Display mode: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B
M gain regulation: near field and far-field piecewise adjustment,
total gain adjustable
Single M mode scan rate is more than 2 level adjustable
Resolution: lateral (lateral) less than 2 mm, axial (longitudinal) less than 1 mm
Transverse geometric position precision (%) less than 10
Accuracy of longitudinal geometric position (%) less than 7
Dynamic range: 64-192dB
Probe Specifications Probe interface: 1
Scanning mode: electronic convex array, electronic linear array,
electronic cavity
Probe array element: 96 array element
Broadband frequency conversion technology, abdominal probe
frequency of 4 or more
  1. Standard: electronic convex array probe: the frequency is more than 4 segments, and the bandwidth is 2.0-5.0MHz
  2. Selected probe:
Electronic cavity probe: the frequency is more than 3 segments, and the bandwidth is 5.0-8.0MHz.
Electronic linear array probe: the frequency is more than 3 segments, and the bandwidth is 5.0-8.0MHz.
Measurement function B measurement:
  1. Conventional measurements: distance, circumference, area,
volume and angle.
  1. Obstetric measurements: gestational weeks (GS, CRL, BPD, HC, FL, AC), pre birth, obstetrics and Gynecology software package, ellipse measurement, fetal weight (according to AC-FW), pre birth (EDD), AFI etc.
M measurement: heart rate, time, distance and slope
Data management Screen display information: hospital name, doctor name, patient
name, patient ID, date / time, probe information, focus position and number, scale, direction sign, depth, gray scale, frame correlation coefficient in full screen / English annotation
The built-in image management system:
  1. Storage mode: support USB storage
  2. Storage capacity is more than 1000 (depending on the capacity of U disk)
  3. Report output, automatic abdominal, Urology, obstetrical and
cardiac reports
Peripheral device interface Support USB interface, VGA interface, printer interface, Video
terminal output
Weight is about 3.5kg


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