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BPM-BU8 Portable 3D Most Economical Ultrasound Scanner


  • Model: BPM-BU8
  • MOQ: 1
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BPM-BU8 Portable 3D Most Economical Ultrasound Scanner
  • Smart 3D imaging, cubic presentation of fetus
  • 10.4" LCD monitor, pseudo color display, environment protection
  • 2 activated probe ports, easy probe switch
  • Backlight, alphanumeric keyboard
  • 8-segment TGC, precise adjustment of near/far field gain
  • 7 pseudo colors
  • Various peripheral ports, flexible expansion solutions
  • Applicable to abdomen, OB/GYN, cardiology, urology, small parts, etc.

Sophisticated obstetric algorithm formulas

  • Professional OB database for different races.
  • Fetus growth curve, physiological grade report provides accurate fetus health status.

Powerful ultrasonic imaging processors

  • Dynamic Receiving Focusing (DRF): realizes precise real-time focusing, efficiently improves uniformity image of near and far field.
  • Real-time Dynamic Aperture (RDA): the receiving aperture continuously varies along with the echo penetration, which ensures high resolution image in near, middle and far field.
  • Dynamic Receiving Apodization (DRA): ultrasonic beam width changes continuously along with the echo penetration, ensures uniformity of image lateral resolution.
  • Dynamic Frequency Scanning (DFS): contributes to high resolution and penetration.Double Beam Parallel Processing (DBPP): receives echo data from emission and receiving directions simultaneously, efficiently improves time resolution without expense of spatial resolution.

Advanced probe technology

  • Broadband: ensures ultrasound images with proper resolution versus penetration depth
  • Multi-frequency: frequency adjustable
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI): based on Dynamic Frequency Scanning and Broadband technologies, both emission and receiving frequencies are properly acquired according to different patient or examination organ which significantly enhances resolution and cystic clearing.

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