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BPM-C3 Infant bubble CPAP

Cost Effective Infant bubble CPAP

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BPM-C3 Infant Bubble CPAP

Bubble CPAP is a sort of special medical equipment for supporting of babies’ breath which devised and manufactured based on the wide application of closed continuous NCPAP in department of pediatrics. It uses on the course of ventilation treatment of Nasal-CPAP for premature, neonate, infant to children below 14 year old. The mode of CPAP can reduce babies’ WOB of breathing effectively, while keeping the autonomous respiration.




  • Assemble the main machine, humidifier and the optional compressor together, to save space;
  • Inside the Air-oxygen Blender, and the FIO2 is continuous and controllable;
  • Adjusting the oxygen concentration and the flow respectively;
  • It is easy to monitor the FIO2, to ensure the safety of oxygen;
  • High accuracy of CPAP regulating, combine the system pressure monitor with safety valve to ensure the safety of patient;
  • The main machine does not need electric power, and match with support arm;
  • The optional compressor adopts imported pump, with little water and low noise;
  • Match with humidifier that controlled by electric or automatically, to ensure the best situation of humidifier;
  • The light and diversified tubes and rhinobyons reduce the patient's WOB; the convenient fixed device reduces the compressor of patient's head and face, and the injure of nasal septum;
  • It is applied to PIIUC, NICU, PICU and first aid room widely.








CPAP adjustment



Pressure monitor




Pressure safety valve

if the pressure in tubes over 1.5 times than adjusting parameter, the safety valve will open automatically


Differential alarm

differential pressure between 0.05MPa~0.12MPa, sound alarm

Low battery alarm

when the voltage reduce to 6.8±V0.5V,LCD will alarm “LOW BATTERY”

Size (W*H*D)


Gross Weight

6 kg

Gas source



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