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BPM-C70 High Flow Nasal Cannulae CPAP Humidifier

High Flow Nasal Cannulae CPAP Humidifier

  • Model: BPM-C70
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BPM-C70 High Flow Nasal Cannulae CPAP Humidifier

Clinical characteristrics

Acute patients with mild to moderate respiratory failure in icu or emergency room
Improve dyspnea, rise oxygenation, reduce intubation Improve oxygenationindex delay onset of hypoxemia 
rate.andintubation mortality is significantly lower than non-invasive ventilation and standard oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy after invasive withdrawal
High tolerability and comfort, reducing the rate of Improve dyspneaespeciallyrefractory dyspnea 

Acute heart failure and cardiogenic pulmonary edema
Improve dyspnea,especially refractory dyspnea

Chronic airway disease 
Improve the upper airway status of patient with obstructive

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