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BPM-Coverall Protebtion Suit

BPM-Coverall Protebtion Suit

  • Model: BPM-Coverall Protebtion Suit
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BPM-Coverall Protebtion Suit

BPM-Coverall Protebtion Suit The outer layer is a high-quality multi-pore membrane, and the inner layer is anti-adhesive polypropylene non-woven cloth, which can provide excellent penetration protection of dust. Liquid.blood and blood-borne pathogens.. High permeability, reduce the generation of thermal stress. Fully elastic cap, ankle and cuff, maximizes comfort and protection.EN14126 biological hazard and infectious agent test was conducted.Not easy to ball, reduce the impact on the working environment, suitable for painting operations.It is  edge sewing to improve the level of protection.

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