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BPM-CR10T Megapixel C-arm X-ray Machine​

Cost effective C-arm X-ray Machine​

  • Model: BPM-CR10T
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BPM-CR10T-arm X-ray Machine

Can be used clinically in orthopaedics (osteoarthrosis surgery, bone and joint nailing, bone and joint film perspective, emergency bone reduction/fixation), radiology (abdominal organ imaging), gynecology (uterine angiography, fallopian tube imaging), Urology (kidney, cystography), surgery (peripheral vascular examination), etc.

  • C-arm for digital laser film can be printed like DR (a laser film printer is required)
  •  Equivalent to a small mobile CCD DR
  • Fully sealed tube, proven high frequency inverter after twenty-one years
  • Megapixel digital processing system, high-definition imaging
  • Toshiba High Quality Image Intensifier
  • Remote wireless remote exposure
  • Red Cross laser positioning
  • Variable vision, stepless rotating electric beam lighter
  • Lightweight rack, optional electric (front and rear, up and down, 360 rotation) large open rack
The C-arm consists of an X-ray generator (ball tube, high-voltage generator, high-frequency inverter), X-ray receiver (image intensifier), image processing and racks, workstations, and film printing.
It is a digital megapixel C-arm with DICOM output interface for digital signal equipment. It can directly connect to PACS system or standard digital image transmission chain via cable to transmit digital images. In this way, It can be integrated with a digital imaging system and share film printers, desktop diagnostic systems, and teleconsultation systems with DR, CT, and MRI.
It is divided into multiple types according to the specific configuration.

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