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BPM-CR10X Megapixel C-arm X-ray Machine​

Cost Effective C-arm X-ray Machine​

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BPM-CR10X-arm X-ray Machine

Advanced design, selection of materials, sophisticated technology. The power of 5.5kW fully satisfies the requirements for photography and perspective of various parts of the human body, ensuring that the product is continuous, efficient, and stable, and provides users with high-quality display screens and images. It is the first choice for general plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, general intervention, pain treatment, traumatology and urinary system examination.
Wide range of clinical applications

  • Routine examination: trauma, orthopedics, general surgery, plastic surgery, and urology
  • Orthopaedic intervention: emergency orthopedic reduction/fixation, discography and treatment, myelography and peripheral angiography/intervention
  • Endoscopic intervention: ERCP, endoscopic imaging and treatment
  • Emergency/traumatism: Comprehensive interventions such as Accident & Emergency, ICU, and CCU operating rooms
  • Comprehensive clinical application: pacemaker implantation, tissue biopsy, urology general surgery angiography, obstetrics and gynecology uterine angiography and treatment.
Leading imaging performance and high-definition quality images
  • The tube adopts a rotating anode and a small-focus perspective. In Europe and America, advanced ray tube package heat dissipation technology, integrated high heat capacity designed X-ray tube and high voltage generator ensure long-lasting perspective while ensuring high-quality images.
  • The US-leading high-frequency high-voltage generator can still be used up to 160As when the maximum tube voltage is 110KV, which ensures the safety of the surgical process is not interrupted.
  • Megapixel high resolution CCD ensures no distortion of the image.
  • High-brightness, flicker-free, rotatable dual-screen LCD monitors provide high-quality images to support rapid decision making during medical operations (optional display configurations).
  • Equipped with the most professional digital imaging systems, such as real-time 64-level recursive noise reduction, GAMMA correction, edge enhancement, negative image processing, real-time image digital rotation, stepwise windowing and zooming.
Lauder's structure - innovative low-dose platform
  • Prior to surgery, the red cross is used for laser positioning to reduce unnecessary X-ray exposure and better protect the patient and the surgeon.
  • The independent adjustment of KV and MA ensures that the dose is reduced. At the same time, the pulse fluoroscopy can reduce the X-ray dose by 50%, steepening the pulse wave pattern, and greatly reducing the soft rays.
  • Automatically test and record the patient's radiation dose during surgery.
  • Solid sclera diaphragm automatically tracks changes in the visual field of the image intensifier, improves the image quality of the area of interest, and further improves radiation protection to the patient and the doctor.
  • Rotatable semi-transparent gratings are used to inspect the elongate parts and improve the image quality of the elongate parts.
  • “BLUELIGHT” technology, BLUELIGHT, is a transnational proprietary technology that inherits and promotes innovation. It is sensitive to low light and has extremely low quantum noise. It works reliably under long-term radiation of high-energy radiation.
  • The digital image rotates and flips without receiving exposure radiation.
Seamless network integration
  • Complete network connection technology based on the DICOM 3.0 standard.
  • Original information capture Bidirectional information transmission, which can transfer the original image and patient data to PACS, HIS, RIS or from PACS, RIS, HIS to C-arm workstation, suitable for remote consultation and teaching, and provide fully integrated digital network solution.
  • Powerful archive query retrieval function provides a variety of integrated storage devices for image storage. You can choose to save images as DICOM and TIF formats or compressed DICOM, TIF and JPG formats.

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