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BPM-CR15T All-in-one Flat panel C-arm X-ray Machine​

Top Grade C-arm X-ray Machine​

  • Model: BPM-CR15T
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BPM-CR15T All-in-one Flat panel C-arm X-ray Machine

Especially suitable for emergency room and operating room where space is limited and busy. It enjoys no "line" freedom in its class, eliminating the need to use criss-crossing multiple cables. It is a smart C-arm designed with an integrated design of the image output section and the C-arm support control section.


1.High-end fusion, smart one.
2.Big arm space, convenient place.
3.Electric control, touch and move.
4.Dynamic tablet, high-definition imaging.
5.The digital system is connected with wisdom.
6.Remote exposure, away from radiation.

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