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BPM-CR15X All-in-one Megapixel C-arm X-ray Machine​

Top Grade C-arm X-ray Machine​

  • Model: BPM-CR15X
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BPM-CR15X Megapixel all-in-one C-arm X-ray Machine


Especially suitable for emergency room and operating room where space is limited and busy. It enjoys no "line" freedom in its class, eliminating the need to use criss-crossing multiple cables. It is a smart C-arm designed with an integrated design of the image output section and the C-arm support control section. The independently researched and developed Ziguang digital imaging technology provides first-rate high-definition megapixel images quickly and reliably for a wide range of C-arm applications. The original Lowe's dose is a low-dose platform with automatic dose intelligent control to bring you a new clinical experience. .

  • Smart Space: Smart Integration Improves Efficiency
  • The use of an ergonomic and space-saving integrated design to provide more freedom of mobility for medical staff working alongside the display and control panel.
  • The largest C-arm depth and opening ensure maximum operating space for more flexible surgical positioning and facilitates aseptic surgery.
  • Intelligent control: automatic dose accurate imaging
  • Automatic dose control technology can effectively reduce the number of exposures when capturing images, minimize radiation doses, and ensure protection for medical personnel and patients.
  • With the pulse see-through function, pulse fluoroscopy can reduce the 50% X-ray dose without degrading the image quality depending on the selected pulse width and interval.
  • Smart Image: Megapixel HD Image
  • Adopt megapixel high-definition, high-speed CCD, the image is clearer, more detailed and high fidelity
  • Has a professional digital imaging system, highlighting the level of discrimination capabilities, such as real-time 64-level recursive noise reduction, GAMMA correction, edge enhancement, negative image processing, real-time image digital rotation, ladder windowing and zooming.
  • Smart Network: Network Platforms Easy Sharing

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