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BPM-CR17Z Charging Integrated Flat Panel C-arm X-ray Machine​

Top Grade C-arm X-ray Machine​

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BPM-CR17Z Charging Integrated Flat Panel C-arm X-ray Machine

With the increasing number of hospital operating room equipment and the operating room becoming more and more crowded, in 2015, in order to solve the hospital's troubles in using C-arms, the company launched the world's first digital image of the integrated rechargeable C-arm. System, C-arm and workstation integration design, using a new generation of battery management system, in a fully charged state, through the battery-powered way of exposure, two major technical characteristics of the C-arm movement "with heart", 2017 Newly launched the world's first rechargeable integrated flat C-arm digital imaging system.


  • The integrated design of C-arms and workstations moves the platec-shaped arm to "move by heart"
  • "One man operates independently" completes the plate C-arm movement and exposure.
  • Intelligent low-dose variable frame fluoroscopy, which significantly reduces the exposure dose while ensuring image quality.
  • Use a new generation battery management system to expose the battery in a fully charged state.
  • Change the surgical flexibility and workflow.
  • Save on surgery time and improve surgery efficiency.

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