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BPM-CR20T Digital U C-arm X-ray Machine​

Luxurious U C-arm X-ray Machine​

  • Model: BPM-CR20T
  • MOQ: 1
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BPM-CR20T Digital U C-arm X-ray Machine

Product advantages: 

  • Professional photography tube. High beam quality and durability; 
  • High-end amorphous silicon detectors ensure optimal imaging quality and less radiation dose to protect patients. Extend equipment life; 
  • Stable and reliable high-frequency high-voltage generator; imported PLC control, providing life-long program upgrade service; 
  • Professional image processing software with perfect inspection site management: 
  • Full touch human-computer interaction interface, lifting the work efficiency. Reduce the labor intensity of medical personnel.
  • PLC computer control. Support system upgrade
  • More accurate positioning. At a glance
  • Full touch button. Simple and convenient
  • Flat film, chest radiograph, 1 meter position, tablet returned to 0°
  • Reduce the operating intensity of the doctor. Lift off work efficiency
  • Proximity protection device
  • Automatic lock button to prevent misoperation by doctor or patient

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