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BPM-CR9T C-arm X-ray Machine​

Basic C-arm X-ray Machine​

  • Model: BPM-CR9T
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BPM-CR9T C-arm X-ray Machine
Can be used clinically in orthopaedics (osteoarthrosis surgery, bone and joint nailing, bone and joint film perspective, emergency bone reduction/fixation), radiology (abdominal organ imaging), gynecology (uterine angiography, fallopian tube imaging), Urology (kidney, cystography), surgery (peripheral vascular examination), etc.
  • Adopts the rue digital high frequency host.gets the dearest and richest image with minimum dose,
  • greatly reduces the potential harm of X-ray to clinicians and patients.
  • The unique double displays make operation intuitive,easy and reliable.
  • The vertical and horizontal movement and rotation of C*arm are all electric manduverd.
  • Micr^computor basdd controller features wrth Picture Collection & Storage Workstation
  • directly upgrade the digital image system.to provide a short cut for your heavy file management.
Specifications :
  • Vertical movement 400mm(electric)
  • C-arm arc glide with full balance 130 °(+90°~40°)
  • Horizontal movement 202 mm(electric)
  • Horizontalswingangle  土 12.5°
  • C*armtotation(moiored)± 180°
  • Intellegent Build-in TV System(Optional)
  • Upgraded digital Image System
  • Up to 1000,000 static images slorod in hard disk
  • Muilt-image simultaneously display
  • Image processing functions: rotation .overturn,lightness and
  • contrast adjustment
  • “ Diagnostic report by laser prints"

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