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BPM-CR9X C-arm X-ray Machine​

Basic C-arm X-ray Machine​

  • Model: BPM-CR9X
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BPM-CR9X C-arm X-ray Machine
Its free mobility, excellent imaging performance, scientific dose control, and versatile network integration not only provide high-quality images, but also make the equipment's operating costs low. Become the leader of mobile small C in the market.
Excellent imaging performance
  • As the source of X-ray generation, the high-voltage generator determines the final X-ray quality and also determines the stability of the system. High-frequency technology is used to achieve a smooth and efficient X-ray output, to obtain high-quality images to the maximum extent, while ensuring the stable operation of the system.
  • Rich experience in image processing makes the image quality and radiation dose reach a perfect balance, which can improve the image quality while reducing the radiation damage of the patient.
  • Microcomputer control, fault self-diagnosis function, easy maintenance.
  • Digital interface design, users can choose the image acquisition and storage workstations, directly upgrade the digital image system, and easily carry out file management.
Thoughtful humane care
  • The fully-balanced design of the rack enables easy control of various angles such as the C-arm sliding along the arc, the arm rotating around the horizontal axis, the horizontal extension, and vertical lifting. Really realizes the unobstructed projection and operation of any part and angle.
  • The connection between the host and the car adopts aviation plugs. The plugs are safe and reliable, and the disassembly and assembly are convenient and quick, which effectively improves the mobility of the equipment.
  • Touch switch, digital display, intuitive operation, simple and reliable. Can be easily disinfected and cleaned. The machine adopts a new ergonomic design, which is flexible and can be used for multiple three-dimensional movements.
  • Using microcomputer control, with self-diagnosis function of failure, the code display is clear and maintenance is simple and reliable.
High system reliability
  • Professional and reliable guarantee: Sino-American Jessung has always been consistent with product quality, committed to the development and research of X Vision with strict attitude and full enthusiasm, and together with the user, witnessed the brilliant development of medical imaging.
  • Multiple safety and protection circuits and program design significantly improve the host's stability and safety, and it is extremely adaptable to the power supply. Even in the operating room with poor power supply conditions, high-quality images can be obtained.
  • The use of high-grade special parts, supplemented by smart mechanical design, makes the movement and positioning easier. The foot brake pedal makes the parking and exposure more stable.

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