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BPM-D03 Thermostat Dring

BPM-D03 Thermostat dring

  • Model: BPM-D03 Thermostat dring
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BPM-D03 Thermostat Dring 

  1.  Environment temperature:5℃~40℃
  2.  relative air temperature:≤85℃
  3. Electrical :AC220V±22V,50HZ±1HZ
  4. No corrosive gas around, no strong vibration and no strong electromagnetic field
Models BPM-DO3
Electrical Requirement 220V,50HZ
Temperature Range RT+10~250
Temperature control accuracy ±1
Temperature stability ±1
Power Consumption(w) 1000
Time Range 1-999mins
Interior Dimension(mm²) 400*400*450
Shelves 2pcs
Material Stainless steel

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