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BPM-E1206 High-end 12-Channel ECG Machine

Top Grade ECG

  • Model: BPM-E1206
  • MOQ: 1
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BPM-E1206  High-end 12-Channel ECG Machine


  • Standard/Cabrera 12-Leads;
  • 15” HD LED Screen with color coding and standard grid background, which enable the non-grid paper print grid on it;
  • Simultaneously 12 leads Acquisition with multi acuisiton mode: pre-sampling,real-time collection, triggering sampling and period sampling;
  • Manual/auto 3CH,3CH+1R,3CH+3R,6CH, 6CH+1R,12CH display and Simultaneously printing (without distortion);
  • Electrode Disconnection Alarm(Diagram);
  • Automatic measurement & analysis;
  • Precise  cardiac  pacing  detection function;
  • Max 60 s waveform freezing and review function;
  • Multi-axisTP printing technique for stable printing no matter what negative moving condition;
  • PNG/JPG/XML/ZQECG/HL7/PDF format report storage;
  • Support the machine to send report by email directly;
  • Support the machine to connect projector, scanner, card reader and other patient information input device;
  • Support Wifi and cable connecting to the third party ECG network system, HIS and  EMR  system  without  ECG workstation;
  • Security type: I type CF.

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