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BPM-E311 3-Channels ECG Machine

Touch Screen ECG

  • Model: BPM-E311
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BPM-E311 3-Channels ECG Machine


  1. 1/3 channel rhythm lead display.
  2.  Automatic arrhythmia detection and printing.
  3. 122 kinds of arrhythmia diagnosis .
  4. Support R-R(rhythm) analysis function, including HRV(heart rate variability) analysis.
  5. Support real-time sampling and pre-sampling. Support synchronous sampling and sequential sampling.
  6. EcG diagnosis and review,600 seconds waveforms review and analysis & print for any 12 leads within
      10 seconds .
  7. Built-in Wi-fi.
  8. Automatic standby and timing on-off function·
  9. Scanner connectable.
 10. Smart touch screen with slide and multi-finger operate function.
 11. Smart fuzzy lD search function.
 12. Ultra-quick mode battery recharge.
 13. Pace-maker detection.
 14. Li-thium battery.

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