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BPM-EV105 Portable CPAP Machine Medical Ventilator

Portable CPAP Machine Medical Ventilator

  • Model: BPM-EV105
  • MOQ: 1
  • Payment Terms: T/T

BPM-EV105 Portable CPAP Machine Medical Ventilator


Compact,portable,design for emergency/transport;
Convenient to set ventilation mode and parameter;
Multi-power supply:AC,DC from ambulance,Backup Battery;
Multi-function hang-stand,matching ambulance and stretcher bed;
Airway pressure wave and multi-parameter monitoring,view patient's status cle


Display 5'' TFT High resolution LCD screen
Application Adult,Pediatric(Not for Neonate)
Driven mod Pneumatic driven electric contro
Tidal volume 20~2000ml
Frequency 3~70bpm
I:E 2:1~1:4(totally 5 shifts
Trigger pressur -20~0cm H2O or
Alarm mute ≤120 s
Pressure high limitation 20~61cmH2O
Pressure low limitation 0~20cm H2
Inspiration pressure 5~20cm H2O(Optional)
Oxygen concentratio 48%~100%(Optional 21%~100%)
Ventilation mode Manual,A/C SIGH,SIMV,SPONT,CPAP(Optional)
Power supply AC 220V±10%,50Hz±
Airway press high limitation; Airway press low limitation; Apnea alarm; Low tidal volume; Low gas source; Low power.

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