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BPM-FM703 Fetal Monitor

Fetal Monitor

  • Model: BPM-FM703
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BPM-FM703 Fetal Monitor


1 .7" color LCD screen , clear monitor curve display
2 .Automatic fetal movement detection.
3. Multi-alarming functions: tachycardia and bradycardia alarm , paper-lack alarm
4 .High-capability storage, playback printing function.
5 .Built-in rechargeable battery, AC or DC power
6 .Built-in durablethermal printer with printing time setting function, MTBF more than 20 years,
7. Pregnant woman information input and record 
8. Doctor event marked beside the curve with upright character .
9.Three-in-one Transducer without line winding, compatible with three separate Transducers.
10 .Windows operation system,, easy and convenient coding input keyboard ,

Technical parameters:
Product Name
Portable Fetal Monitor
Fetal Heart Rate
Transducer: 9 wafer,wide wave beam,pulse working mode,high sensitivity
Ultrasound Intensity: <5mW/cm2
Working Frequency: 1.0--3.0(optional)
Measurement Scope: 30--240bpm
Alarming scope:
upper limit: 160--200bpm(optional)
lower limit: 50--120bpm(optional)
Largest Power of Voice Output: 1W
TOCO range
0-100 (relative unit)
FHR, TOCO, FM, Mark, Time, Freeze, Replay
Power :AC 220V±20%, 50Hz; DC 9V
Power Consumption :<20W 
Machine dimension :295(L)× 240(W)× 73(H)mm
Net Weight :1.75kg
Gross weight:2kg
Package dimension :35*30.5*19

Working environment
Relative humidity:10-80%
Gel:viscous water-based compounds, no stimulation and allergy to skin, chemical stable, bacteria-inhibiting.

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