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BPM-FR500T Remote Floor Mounted X Ray Machine

Cost Effective Remote Floor Mounted X Ray Machine

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BPM-FR500T Remote Floor Mounted X Ray Machine


It is the newly introduced medical diagnostic equipment for compartments. It is widely used in perspective diagnosis of various parts of the body, can work continuously for a long time, easy to use, especially for large amount of perspective units.


  • The main part of the X-ray equipment of this equipment adopts split type high-voltage generator and ball tube head, which has the advantages of high rated operating voltage, long continuous working time, and safety and reliability.
  • The console KV, MA digital display, work data is accurate, clear and concise, beautiful and generous.
  • The device has a cumulative load time limit alarm and automatically terminate the device to prevent excessive radiation output.
  • The image intensifier and the ball head synchronously lift vertically. The platform moves laterally and the station turntable rotates at any angle through the remote control. The device is equipped with two-way intercom for the operator and the patient to realize the mobileand person ( Patient) is a convenient way of not moving.
  • With automatic brightness control function, fluoroscopy KV will automatically track and change with the change of tissue density and thickness of the patient's examined area, and always maintain the best image clarity.
  • The column's horizontal arm lift movement adopts the no-bearing structure, which makes the equipment's dynamic noise less than 58dB(A).

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