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BPM-FR600T High frequency remote control Floor Mounted X Ray Machine

Cost Effective Floor Mounted X Ray Machine

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BPM-FR600T High frequency remote control Floor Mounted X Ray Machine


It is our company's newly introduced compartment medical diagnostic equipment.It is widely used in perspective diagnosis of various parts of the body, can work for a long time, easy to use, and has a film function, especially for large-scale work perspective units.
Main parts
It mainly consists of the following parts: Post, platform, computer console, 9" image intensifier, CCD camera Machine, 14" monitor, high frequency high voltage generator, 20/40 rotating anode X-ray tube, etc.
Main feature:
  • The main part of the X-ray equipment of this equipment adopts split type high-frequency high-voltage generator and ball tube head. Its maximum output power is 20kW. It has the advantages of long working time, safety and reliability.
  • Horizontal simulation and digital double-loop high-precision control method: high-precision high-voltage output is achieved by analog and digital double-loop feedback control method composed of high-frequency inverter circuit and microprocessor and PWM dedicated chip.
  • Even if the power supply fluctuates, stable X-rays can still be output.
  • This equipment has high-precision shooting time control, high-precision tube current control, a variety of shooting conditions setting methods: can choose kV, mA and mAs, respectively, to set radiation conditions and APR common parts of the storage function, cumulative load time limit The meal and automatically terminate the irradiating device to prevent excessive radiation output. It also has self-protection and self-destruction functions.
  • The image intensifier, the synchronous vertical lift of the tube head, the lateral movement of the platform, and the rotation of the turntable of the station are all operated by remote control, and the device is equipped with two-way intercom for the operator and the patient, thereby realizing the "mobile" person (patient). Not moving" convenient way

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