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BPM-G10 Blood Glucose Meter 

Cost Effective Blood Glucose Meter 

  • Model: BPM-G10
  • MOQ: 1
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BPM-G10 Blood Glucose Meter

Small compact design, whenever and wherever possible concerned about your health

  • 1uL blood only as test sample;
  • 7 seconds only to get the test result;
  • Auto coding;
  • Test range:1.1mmoL/L-33.3mmoL/L;
  • GOD enzyme test strip;
  • Hematocrit range 30%-55%;
  • Can store 250 test results;
  • Automatically return the test strip;
  • Automatically display the average test results of 7days,14days and 28days;
  • One 3 Vbutton bettery covers 1000 tests;
  • Bluetooth(option) / GPRS(option).

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