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  • Model: bpm-hospital-abs-emergency-medical-trolley
  • MOQ: 1
  • Payment Terms: T/T
1.Luxurious design
2.Imported ABS material
3.Special mute wheel to upgrade the class
4.Environmental tasteless
5.Pushing smooth bearing 100kgs  can be pushed

Pushing hand: ergonomically designed by bending imported pipes, the pushing hand is comfortable and labor-saving.
Guardrail: Plug-in link guardrail, sturdy and durable, and effectively prevent items from slipping off.
Drawer: high-quality ABS material, strong toughness, not easy to corrode, long service life
Laminate: high storage space, high-quality ABS material, strong toughness and corrosion resistance.
Dirt bucket: It is made of imported plastic raw material and can be rotated at 360°C and is easy to disassemble.
Imported Silent Wheel: Universal Silent Wheel, which can be braked and fixed to push and pull smoothly, moving freely.


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