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BPM-i50 Infant Incubator

Infant Incubator

  • Model: BPM-i50
  • MOQ: 1
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BPM-i50 Infant Incubator


  • Servo controlled temperature system by micro-computer;

  • Control mode: Air temp and skin temp;

  • Setting temperature, skin temperature, air temperature and heating instruction lamp are displayed separately by LED screen;

  • Self-check alarms: Power failure, over temperature, temperature deviation, air circulation failure, temperature sensor failure;

  • The inclination of infant bed is adjustable;

  • Added with cabinet and guardrail;

  • >37℃ temperature setting;

  • Removable humidity trough, easy to clean;

  • With transfusion shelf and tray;

  • With RS-232 connector;

  • Locking device for front door;

  • Optional accessories:  X-ray cassette, phototherapy unit (lamp or LED), double-wall hood.




Electrical requirement

~220V 50Hz or ~ 230V 60Hz

Power consumption


Air mode temp. range

25.0℃ ~37.0℃

Skin mode temp. range

25.0℃ ~37.0℃

Air over temp.range


Air mode high temp.range

37.1℃ ~ 39.0℃

Skin mode high temp.range


High temp. mode alarm


Air mode alarm


Skin mode alarm


Skin sensor accuracy


Air control accuracy


Mattress temp. uniformity




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