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BPM-i70C Infant Incubator For Sale

Top Grade Infant Incubator For Sale

  • Model: BPM-i70C
  • MOQ: 1
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BPM-i70C Infant Incubator for sale


  • LCD touch screen, menu operation;
  • Added with O2 concentration control system;
  • With humidity control system;
  • Servo controlled temperature system by micro-computer;
  • Control mode: Air temp and skin temp;
  • With 72 hours temperature/humidity/O2 concentration record function, displayed by curve chart;
  • Integrated sensor box, combining air temp/skin temp/ humidity/O2 concentration sensor;
  • Independent air temperature display, independent over temperature alarm;
  • Self-check alarms: Power failure, over temperature, temperature deviation, air circulation failure, temperature sensor failure, humidity deviation, low water level, chamber over temperature, oxygen concentration deviation;
  • The inclination of infant bed is stepless adjustable;
  • X-ray cassette under the bed;
  • Added with baby scale;
  • With double-wall hood, front and back door both can open,with independent locking function;
  • Added with floodlight, convenient for examination or evening observation;
  • With cabinet and guardrail;
  • With O2 inlet;
  • >37temperature setting;
  • Electric humidifier, removable for cleaning;
  • With transfusion shelf and tray;
  • With RS-232 connector;
Optional accessories:

LED phototherapy unit, foot control electric lift.

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